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This seemingly trivial question immediately suggests an obvious answer – time! Automation of technological processes allows one to save time! Tasks performed by machines are accomplished faster and more precisely than analogous assignments executed by workers. Time savings directly turn into a positive financial score - yet, would that be the only gain of automation? In ATER Logic we see additional quality, which allows our customers to save money. By virtue of advanced reporting, statistics and prediction tools we help our customers to avoid service interventions, production downtime and other runtime anomalies. The optimal task execution time minimization strategy is not to perform the task at all!

Typically, automation is connected with the application of a programmable logic controller (PLC) as the central production management system, which makes decisions according to a pre-programmed routine. The controller manages operation of production line devices; it switches on/off the engines, opens valves, collects sensor data or steers robot’s arm. An excellent extension of the PLC is a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. The SCADA system collects and stores to the database controller’s data, which can be recalled whenever required. The system also visualizes the data, with schematic diagrams, on the system’s display. Skilled operator using the SCADA system, and with the help of data it collects, will be able to determine the cause for malfunction.

Our objective is to deploy autonomous and intelligent systems that automatically and continuously analyze input data, and report it to the user at predefined moments. By definition, the control system has an access to all the system information. Centralization of the data storage enables the system to apply complex analysis. In principle, it enables the system to measure the efficiency and power consumption of specific products, devices or the entire production line. It is an excellent decision-making support tool. It points the operator to the inefficient components requiring replacement or suggests the most effective products during the production planning phase.

If an operator is required to monitor, store and analyze every single production task or measurement, the technological process gets greatly extended, potentially making the whole investment infeasible. The system controller, on the other hand, does it automatically – however, it is necessary that it is correctly programmed to produce logically consistent and useful inference.

About us

The team of ATER Logic

consists of engineers with years of experience in design, programming, deployment and maintenance of industrial automation systems. We have realized projects in diverse sectors of industry (food, energy, air-conditioning, chemical or water & wastewater) both in Poland and abroad.

Our ambition is to deliver to our customers the best possible solutions, based on components from leading manufacturers world-wide. To ensure the highest level of services, our engineers are continuously increasing their qualifications through diverse workshops, professional trainings and postgraduate courses.


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Investment consulting

We have learnt from our experience that uncoordinated and unplanned modernization of manufacturing facilities bears serious consequences and exposes the investor to excessive costs. Often times the investor even at the early planning stage requires consultation with an experienced partner who is able to recommend preferable solutions.

The key problem in selecting a solution is finding the one that maximizes the ratio between the quality and costs. When selecting the devices we take into account the reputation of the manufacturer as well as the solution cost.

The proposed solution will take into account the significance You attach to the above factors. We help with advice since the earliest phase of the investment, as the decisions made at this point will have fundamental impact on the future of the project, and any mistakes made will affect the subsequent phases of project development.


Modernization of existing installations

We make comprehensive modernizations of existing industrial facilities in terms of automation and control. Depending on our customer needs and capabilities, we select the most effective solution that meets pre-specified requirements.


Design of control logic

We design control logic at any level of complexity. From small switching stations to large- scale systems consisting of multiple PLC, SCADA or DCS. In our projects we use hardware of renowned manufacturers (SIEMENS, EATON, RITTAL, FESTO, DANFOSS, BALLUFF IFM ELECTRONIC, TURCK, PHOENIX CONTACT, etc.). We design projects intended for realization by external contractors or we realize them ourselves until the moment specified by the customer (design, prefabrication, delivery, installation, launch and maintenance). We offer manufacturers of industrial devices and production lines comprehensive solutions which include concept, design and deployment of multi-purpose control systems, which, at the stage of duplication, do not require the presence of a programmer-engineer, but a small parameter setting by the production worker.


Prefabrication of control cabinets

We offer comprehensive realizations of switching stations and control cabinets based on the documentation supplied by the customer or own documentation. We also offer services of delivery, assembly, cabling of ducts (also in hygienic design) and cabinet start-up. Any type of electrical measurements are done by staff with all the required licensing corresponding to operation and supervision of electrical devices.


PLC programming

One of the most important positions in our portfolio is PLC programming. Tremendous experience in the field allows us to successfully create software for platforms of most of the manufacturers (SIEMENS, ALLEN-BRADLEY, GE FANUC), with the use of diverse communication buses (Profibus, Profinet, AS-i, Modbus, etc.) and peripheral elements (manipulation robots, tensometric industrial scales, frequency converters, etc.). We take pride in a unified system of standardized functional blocks, describing specific devices and tasks, that we have developed over the years. It allows us for fast and error-free functional development of control algorithms.


SCADA systems

Up-to-date device status information, historical data collection and proficient management of such data, SMS-based alarm state notifications, remote access from any place on Earth through www, integration of diverse control systems from various manufacturers or data exchange with external systems, like MES or ERP, is only a portion of advantages and opportunities that offers correctly designed and deployed SCADA system. We offer SCADA systems selected according to customer needs. We select systems from the simplest and inexpensive data storage ones, which complement autonomous industrial machines, through comprehensive applications allowing the user to monitor, store, notify and control devices, to large-scale systems managing the entire technology-production complexes. Our engineers are experienced in designing applications for platforms of multiple leading software developers (SIEMENS WinCC, ASKOM Asix, Wonderware InTouch).


Advanced reporting systems

An excellent PLC extension is an integrated SCADA system, which collects the actual parameter values available at the controller and stores them to the database. SCADA is merely a tool which without adequate usage remains worthless. Therefore we offer implementation of advanced reporting systems based on arbitrary SCADA software, each time chosen so to match the individual preferences of the customer.


Energy audits

We offer energy audits as a stand-alone service or as part of a comprehensive control system project. We classify audits based on their size:

  • full balance audit (full energy balance of the audited facility, installation or technological process)
  • restricted scope audit (only for a single device or installation)
  • energy audits of industrial buildings
  • energy audits of heating systems
  • energy audits of electrical power sources, heating sources and heat sinks
  • energy audits of technological processes
  • electroenergetic audits (optimization of electrical energy usage)


Launch on site

We are eager to undertake multi-week launches at customer premises both in Poland and abroad. We specialize in services to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, however, we also realized projects in Germany and South America Our long-term experience, which we have gained through various launches all over the world, shortens to the minimum time required to reach fully operational state of the deployed system.


Training, support and supervision

Remote access to installation allows us to monitor the technical status of the devices and the production lines 24/7, and in the case of incidents, immediate support to almost any place on the planet. Access is realized over the Internet (using safe access networks - VPN), telephone lines (Teleserwis) or, in place with limited cable infrastructure, over GSM access networks.

Technical support

Ensuring the safety

Uncoordinated and unplanned automation of technological objects leads to serious risks. Therefore automation has to be approached in a comprehensive manner, which provides users with the comfort of use and allows the installation for stable and predictable operation.

The key factor in selecting a solution is to take into account the quality-costs trade-off. When selecting the devices we take into account the reputation of the manufacturer as well as the solution cost.

When seeking the right solution the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Process efficiency
  • Technological process requirements
  • Customer preferences
  • Innovation
  • Ease of use
  • Availability of support and maintenance
  • Energy savings
  • Price
  • Other

The proposed solution will take into account the significance You attach to the above factors.

We help with advice from the earliest phase of the investment, as the decisions made at this point will have fundamental impact on the future of the project, and any mistakes made will affect the subsequent phases of project development.


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